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Disease screening means searching for and diagnosing diseases in individuals without visible symptoms. The importance of screening in improving the prevention and treatment of diseases is very high. This method leads to the identification of diseases in their early stages and provides better recovery and a higher chance of treatment. Below, I will explain important points about disease screening in humans:

  • Are you aware of your hidden diseases?
  • Do you know which specialist to consult when you are sick?
  • Do you want to prevent diseases with simple solutions?
  • Dr. Myco's screenings are the only way to answer these questions.

Interpretation of Results

Positive or abnormal results require referral to specialized doctors for more accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Selection of Tests

These tests should have good sensitivity and characteristics to diagnose the disease in the early stages.

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Dr. Myco aims to play an effective role in providing comprehensive and easy health services to patients and doctors through innovative solutions. With Dr. Myco, you can receive appointments with your desired doctor, whether in-person, text-based, phone-based, or video-based, using just a mobile phone or computer with internet access. Remote medical services play an effective role in reducing costs and saving time. Simply browse the list of doctors in any specialty, establish a stable and high-quality communication, create a health profile, and easily receive electronic prescriptions. Not only clinic doctors but also hospital doctors provide remote medical services through Dr. Myco's virtual clinic. We are committed to being with you in all stages of pre-treatment, treatment, and even post-treatment.

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